Static Security

We provide exceptional security guards to our commercial clients. We can swiftly deploy professional, fully trained and uniformed security personnel to any location in the United Kingdom whether Corner shops, leisure centres, retail outlets and construction sites etc. All our security personnel are customer orientated and are well trained extensively on site to ensure the security provision is fully maximised by the customer.

We guarantee a professional, friendly and highly experienced security personnel on site who will always be punctual, and complete all necessary site tasks e.g. visit/log books and documentation in accordance to client's procedures.

We handpicked guards for each individual site and are fully trained specifically for that site. Training is completed proactively to anticipate and thus prevent incident from occurring on the client's site. We believe once our security personnel are on duty it is our responsibility to protect client's assets.

In order to support our security operatives to succeed, our guards keep detailed records through our 'security App' that monitors each security guard on every site. In Addition, patrol supervisors make regular visits to sites to review the records and make additional observations which are all documented. Guards must carry-out check calls at different times of the day to 3Rio control room centre.

Clients should be rest assured when our Security guards are on ground.

Door Supervision

Our security door supervisors are highly trained, experienced and of positive and collaborative temperament. We provide door supervision in the entertainment industry e.g. venues, bars, nightclubs, theme parks, private parties, events, weddings and cinemas across the United Kingdom.

Our extensive team includes dedicated area managers reporting to regional managers to ensure that your contract is carefully and efficiently managed across the country. Our door supervisor's work closely with the venue manager's ensuring that the front of house and security inside the venue is effectively managed so that venue managers are free and focused on running their venue.

We fully appreciate that our door supervisors are your customer's first point of contact and as such they must adhere to a strict dress code and positive communication to best represent your venue.

If there is any specific dress-code that you require our staff to wear to secure your venue, we can tailor our dress code accordingly.

Additionally, we provide necessary equipment to suit the venue requirements such as Radios, clickers, metal detectors etc.

Event Security

3RiO has the capability to provide you highly trained security personnel for your event irrespective of the scale of the event.

Our security managers and security personnel are highly experienced in this sector.

Each event is unique and thus we select a team of security personnel for your event with a supervisor who will manage the team allowing client to run and enjoy their venue.

Should your event require uniformed personnel, we are available with tailored uniforms to suit the occasion in accordance to your brief and requirements.

Retail Guarding

We provide highly trained and uniformed retail security personnel for retail premises throughout the UK.

Our retail guarding security personnel are extensively trained to work with clients as well as communicate positively with your customers on site to create the best possible impression for your retail outlet. Our guards will make your customers feel welcome and secure.

Crime in the retail industry is high; 3RiO security will proactively place a security provision to act as a deterrent to perpetrators that may wish to target your premises. Our retail guards are fully monitored & continually coached on site by regular supervisory visits so we can ensure your security provision is being implemented to the highest of standards.

Permanent Security Guard Staffing

We have a team of experienced, licensed, loyal and dedicated staff, who fully embrace our company's concept and open door management structure to enhance our service delivery.

We offer short and long term career progression plan to develop their skills. Staffs are aware of the importance of our company to them, which helps to support a professional and reassuring image to clients.

Temporary Security Guard Staffing

Our temporary security solutions can be customized to your specific requirements. We invest in high standard of training which gives our guards the required skills to ensure public confidence, safety and to eliminate threats. They adapt to your needs and blend seamlessly into your environment as well as providing a highly visible deterrent to potential criminals and dishonest staffs. They carry out vital checks to ensure the safety of your staff, equipment and premises.

Mobile Security Patrol

We provide dedicated Mobile Patrol Service. We offer perimeter patrols, internal patrol, lock & unlock services, alarm response, escorting and as a support function to our manned guarding.

All patrol is tracked and details of any incident are uploaded to our client portal, so you always stay informed. We tailor our mobile patrol services to meet your requirements.

In situations, where a continuous guarding presence is not required our mobile security patrol provide a cost effective alternative solution to manned guarding. Whether it is a residential or business premise, our fully equipped search and response units will make random mobile security patrol of our client's premises both in the night and at weekends when properties are most vulnerable. Our mobile security patrols will ensure the secure closure of all external doors, gates and windows whilst at the same time checking the surrounding areas of the property for any unusual presence or suspicious activity.

Sectors Served

We provide security services to diverse range of sectors. We are confident working with clients to provide tailored security services to meet their security requirements. If your sector is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Banks and Building Societies
  • Business/Industrial/Retail Parks
  • Celebrity Appearances/Events
  • Construction
  • Educational Establishments
  • Factories
  • Film Industry
  • Hospitals
  • Leisure
  • Licensed Trade
  • Live Events and Concerts
  • Logistics and Distribution Parks
  • Office Blocks
  • Rail Operators
  • Residential Properties
  • Retail
  • Shopping Centre’s
  • Storage Depots
  • TV and Radio Outside Broadcast Companies
  • Void Buildings